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Do you know hot runner application main technology key?
Oct 27, 2017

A successful hot runner mold application project requires multiple links to be protected. One of the most important of these two technical factors: First, the control of plastic temperature, the second is the control of plastic flow.


1. the control of plastic temperature in the hot runner mold application of plastic temperature control is extremely important.

Many of the production process and the emergence of product quality problems directly from the hot runner system temperature control is not good. Such as the use of hot-pin gate method injection molding products when the quality of the problem of poor gate, valve gate molding method when the valve needle closure difficult problems, multi-cavity mold parts filling time and quality inconsistencies. If possible, try to have a multi-zone temperature control of the hot runner system, in order to increase the use of flexibility and resilience.

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2. plastic flow control

Plastic in the hot runner system to flow balance. The gates are to be opened at the same time to synchronize the filling of the cavities. For the weight difference between the parts to be sprinkler size design balance. Otherwise there will be some parts of the filling pressure is not enough, and some parts are filling the mold over pressure, flash too large quality and other issues. Hot runner runner size design should be reasonable. Size too small Filling pressure loss is too large. Size is too large, the hot runner is too large, the plastic in the hot runner system to stay too long, damage the material properties and lead to parts after forming can not meet the requirements.


The hot runner gating system can be understood as an extension of the injection molding machine. The function of the hot runner system is to adversely heat the thermoplastic melt near the forming die or directly into the mold.


The hot runner can be heated independently and thermally insulated in the injection mold so that it can individually compensate for the heat loss due to contact with the "cold" mold. Hot runner molds have been successfully used to process a wide range of plastic materials, and plastic materials that can be machined with cold runner molds can be processed with hot runner molds.

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