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Difference between hot runner and cold runner
May 29, 2018

The hot runners are heated to ensure that the runners and gate plastic stay molten. Hot runner systems generally consist of hot nozzles, manifolds, temperature control boxes, and accessories. Hot nozzles generally include two types: open hot nozzles and needle valve hot nozzles. Since the form of the hot nozzle directly determines the selection of the hot runner system and the manufacture of the mold, the hot runner system is often divided into an open hot runner system and a needle valve hot runner system.

The cold runner system wastes every time the mold is opened. When injection molding the parts, the multi-cavity cold runner system will cause a lot of raw material waste, which makes the profit margin of the molders seriously damaged. The advantages of a cold runner are its ease of use and its ability to meet certain aesthetic requirements. Cold runners can reduce injections to transparent acrylates or polycarbonates that transmit light, preventing injections from causing visible banding effects in certain areas.

In general, rubber is thermosetting and plastic is thermoplastic. Thermosetting rubber is heated to a certain temperature and becomes a cured, highly elastic state under certain pressure conditions. Even if heating continues, it cannot change its state. Under normal circumstances, thermoset rubber waste is not recyclable. The flow path system of most rubber injection molds is a hot runner system. After injection, the rubber compound in the flow path system is simultaneously vulcanized with the rubber material in the mold cavity, and is simultaneously taken out during demolding, and is treated as a waste material after being separated from the product. 

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