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Development trend of Hot runner injection technology
May 23, 2017

As an innovative technology of injection mould, hot runner technology has many advantages, its use is more and more extensive, which represents one of the developing directions of injection mould. In recent years, with the development of mold industry at home and abroad, as well as the improvement of market requirements, hot runner system technology is also in constant innovation and development changes, its development trends are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

(1) micro-heating nozzle
Hot nozzle miniaturization can be well achieved by precise injection molding. It can be used to achieve a-mode multiple-cavity compound tsui or a hot nozzle filling die with a small spacing, thus improving the application range and efficiency.

(2) Standardization of Accessories
The structure of hot runner mould is more complicated than ordinary mould, and the cost of non-standard cost is high! If the standardization of the accessory can effectively improve the delivery cycle of the Hot runner system, the batch can also reduce the manufacturing cost and facilitate the interchangeable overhaul of the components. More importantly, it is more beneficial to the use of customers.

(3) The accuracy of the scheme
With the help of thermodynamic balance analysis software and die-flow analysis software, mold design and manufacture and plastic injection molding experience, the accuracy of Hot runner scheme is improved, and the number of test modes and errors are reduced.

(4) Extensive use
Hot runner technology has been used in injection mold for more than more than 70 years, because of its high quality of injection molding products, low energy consumption, short molding cycle, high degree of automation, can be used for injection molding of all plastic products injection molding, so improve its use range is the main development direction of its future. For example, has developed a new molding process, such as multi-color common injection, laminated multi-cavity hot runner injection. Hot runner technology has been widely applied in developed countries in Europe, America and Asia, in our country through more than 10 years in the Hot Runner technology application, technology research has also made great achievements, only because of the uneven domestic hot runner technology level, design and production of a lack of standardization, scale and other reasons, so now China's hot runner penetration rate is still relatively low! believe that with the continuous improvement of human cost and the rise of plastic raw materials for plastic products more international competitiveness, hot runner technology in China will be more widely used.

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