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Control principle of PID temperature Controller
Sep 08, 2017

Computer Control Thermostat: The use of PID fuzzy control technology * with advanced digital technology through Pvar, Ivar, Dvar (ratio, integration, differential) three aspects of the combination of adjustment to form a fuzzy control to solve the inertia temperature error problem.

It is understood that many manufacturers in the use of temperature controller process, often encountered inertia temperature error problems, suffering can not be solved, relying on manual pressure to control the temperature.

Innovation, PID Fuzzy control technology is adopted to solve the problem of inertia temperature error. The traditional thermostat is to use the thermocouple line in the case of temperature change, the change of the current as the control signal, the electrical components as a fixed-point switch controller.

Traditional thermostat heating elements generally to electric rods, heating ring mainly, both inside are made of heating wire. Hot wire heating Through the current, usually up to 1000 ℃ above, so hot rod, heating coil inside the temperature is very high. General temperature control of the electrical machinery, its control temperature is more than 0-400 ℃, so the traditional thermostat temperature control, when the temperature of the heating device to set the temperature, the thermostat will send signals to stop heating. But at this time the hot rod or heat coil internal temperature will be higher than 400 ℃, heating rods, heating coil will also be heated to the device heating, even if the thermostat signal stopped heating, the temperature of the heating device is often continued to rise several degrees, then began to decline. Now down to set the lower limit of the temperature, the thermostat began to emit heating signals, began to heat, but the heating wire to the temperature of the heater to be required to be a certain time, this depends on the heating wire and the heat of the device between the medium conditions. The temperature continues to drop several degrees when it starts to reheat. Therefore, the traditional fixed-point switch control temperature will have a few degrees of positive and negative errors, but this is not the problem of temperature controller itself, but the whole structure of the thermal system, so that temperature control temperature to produce an inertia error.

To solve the problem of temperature controller, using PID fuzzy control technology, is a wise choice. PID fuzzy Control, is designed for the above situation and the new temperature control scheme, with advanced digital technology through Pvar, Ivar, DVar three aspects of the combination of adjustment to form a fuzzy control to solve the inertia temperature error problem. However, in many cases, because of the traditional thermostat temperature control mode There is a larger inertia error, often in the requirements of precise temperature control, many people will give up automatic control and use voltage regulator instead of thermostat. Of course, the speed of the voltage stability work is constant, the external temperature and air flow rate unchanged, this is completely possible, but to be clear that the above environmental factors are constantly changing, at the same time, with the voltage regulator to replace the temperature controller, we must rely on the human adjustment to a large extent, With the change of the working environment, the degree of the required temperature is adjusted manually, and then the relative steady voltage is used to heat up and operate, but this is by no means automatic temperature control. When you need a lot of temperature control, you get flustered. In this way, the voltage regulator is not useful, because the hands can not adjust so much need to temperature control key, only the use of PID fuzzy control technology, to solve this problem, so that the operation is handy, smooth operation. For example, the hot stamping machine, its temperature requirements are relatively stable, usually in positive or negative 2 ℃ to operate better. High-speed stamping machine ironing the same product design, with the speed, heating speed should also be raised correspondingly. At this time, the traditional temperature controller and the use of voltage regulator can not be competent, the quality of the product can not be guaranteed, because the gilding before the operation of the stamping machine must be appropriate to adjust the speed to accommodate the temperature controller and the weakness of the regulator. However, if the PID fuzzy control of the temperature controller, can solve the above problems, because the PID p, that is, the Pvar power variable control, with the stamping machine working speed and increase the power output of the hundred components.

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