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automotive mold hot runner molding technology
May 22, 2018

The amount of plastics used in the automotive industry in developed countries accounts for 5% to 8% of the total consumption of plastics. In previous years, Japan produced an average of 100kg of plastic per car. North America produces 116.5 kg of plastic per vehicle. Every car in the United States uses plastic to account for 12% of the car's weight. In 2016, the supply of cars in China’s auto market reached 28 million, which was calculated on the basis of 100 kg of plastic consumed by each vehicle and 2.8 million tons of plastics were used.

 Injection molded parts on automobiles can be divided into four categories from the perspective of injection molding.

300D 6 zones hot runner controller.jpg

(1) Exterior structural parts. Larger injection molded plastics have front/rear bumpers, most of which are molded with rubber modified polypropylene FBPP. There are also front wall cooling grilles and fenders. The smaller ones are various signages, tail door trims, rear main column trims, front/rear, left/right door trims, door handles, mirror holders, and four-wheel trims. The outer surfaces of these junction structures are painted and plated. Match the bright color of the vehicle. For the secondary processing of injection molded parts, the amount of warpage is limited, and no visible fusion joints are required.

 (2) Interior structural parts. Dashboard, front console lid, direction shaft cover, front/rear, left/right door trim panel, front seat two seats, driver lower body side cover, door handle, luggage compartment left/right side trim Wait. Some of them have to wrap the fabric, and some of them decorate the pattern on the visible surface.

(3) Auto parts. There are many invisible structures, such as fuel tanks, auxiliary tanks, resonance tanks, air filter covers, engine covers, ventilation pipes, and intake manifolds. They are all injection molded with engineering plastics.

(4) Car headlights. Car lights have signal and lighting functions. There are auxiliary lights, parking lights, headlights, low beam lights, high beam lights, tail lights, marker lights, signal lights and LED lights. Some shades require two-color hot runner injection molding.

Due to the high comprehensive mechanical performance requirements of injection molded parts in automobiles. When replacing traditional metal, glass, and rubber materials with heat, transparency, and vibration resistance, expensive, high-quality engineering plastics are used. Hot runner injection molding can reduce raw material losses and improve the quality of injection molded parts.

The production volume of modern cars is large, and thousands of new cars leave the assembly line every day. It is impossible for a car factory to store a large number of spare parts. Requires automotive injection molding parts production plants to continuously supply parts. Therefore there is a special requirement for the reliability of hot runner injection moulds during injection production. Brand automobile manufacturers have a review and approval process for hot runner suppliers. The quality level of hot runner supply is also often determined by the hot runner injection mold of the car.

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