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Are there which way into plastics in the hot runner injection molding?
Nov 02, 2017

Hot runners are used in injection molds to inject molten plastic particles into a heated component system in a mold cavity. Hot runner mold is a traditional mold or three-plate mold runner and runner heating, at each forming that do not need to remove the runner and runner a new structure. With the application of hot runner technology in the rapid development of foreign countries, many plastic mold factory production molds used in more than 50% of the hot runner technology, and even more than 80%, the effect is very obvious.

Below for everyone to introduce hot runner technology into the hot runner way.

First, the way into the plastic inlet

Large nozzle nozzle is an open hot nozzle, left in the injection molding product surface has a small material handle, it can provide a large gate size, excellent packing effect to reduce product stress can be applied to the gate Marking is not high or split into the plastic way.

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Second, the needle into the plastic approach

Needle valve for the valve stem by the mechanical or hydraulic control, the valve needle will be closed at the end of the pressure gate, which means that the product has not yet fully condensed, the glue into the system has been closed, which is shortening the molding cycle . Needle valve to be able to do without gate marks, leaving only a trace of the surface of the product is printed or not, which is applied to the surface of the best programs.

Third, point gate into the plastic way

Dot gate method is the most common kind of way into the plastic, which by the gate size, gate cooling and tip temperature and several other factors together determine the quality of injection molded parts, it applies to almost all known plastic, it The plastic inlet will leave a small gate mark on the surface of the product, the size of which will be determined by the size of the gate and by the different plastic materials.

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