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Application of hot runner injection mold in PET mineral water bottle processing
Nov 07, 2017

First, the rationality of the mold structure:

For a mold multi-cavity mold, its structure is divided into three parts:

1. Main hot runner

2. Heating plate (body).

3. Hot runner nozzle.

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Among them, the hot runner nozzle is the most basic part of the molten PET through the heating plate in the mainstream through the nozzle into the cavity, which is directly related to the quality of the tube. Therefore, the mold structure to adhere to the following principles:

1. Maintain the heat balance of the nozzle so that the resin is always molten during the injection. To this end, to make the nozzle and template contact surface as small as possible.

2. Ensure the seal. Such as nozzle and runner plate "meet", the nozzle between the parts should be sealed to prevent the molten resin under the injection pressure spill.

3. When the cooling nozzle after reheating work, the gate of the condensate is not easy to melt, often to "melt", it is necessary to properly design the length of the nozzle, and with good heat transfer material such as beryllium copper nozzle.

4. The nozzle is often clogged, to ensure easy demolition.

Second, the gate design rationality:

The structure of the gate has a great influence on the tube quality and forming process. Practice has proved that the use of tapered gate best results, the smaller the diameter of the end, faster heat dissipation, it is easy to coagulate during the dwell phase. In addition, the size should be appropriate, too large on the thermal balance adverse, condensation is also slow; too small can easily lead to the bottom of the bottle "white muddy."

Third, the matching injection molding machinery

For a multi-cavity hot runner mold, the pressure loss can not be ignored, requiring injection molding machinery to provide a stable injection pressure and adjustable injection speed, but also control back pressure. In addition to providing hot runner heating power.

Fourth, the mature process conditions:

1. Effective mold temperature control: mold cavity, mold core can achieve rapid cooling, to have cooling water, and water hardness appropriate, anti-scaling, anti-blocking.

2. Injection molding process to achieve screw "pumping" (pressure), to ensure that the formation of the billet good, which is "one-step method" is particularly important, otherwise the bottle is easy to leak.

3. Select the appropriate heating temperature, hot runner temperature lower than barrel temperature 2 ~ 4 degrees.

4. Cooling, injection, dwell time and even open, closing time and injection, pre-molding speed has good coordination, so as to make the shortest cycle.

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