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Analysis on Advantages and Disadvantages of Hot Runner Mold
Aug 17, 2017

In our country,promoting the hot runner mold vigorously at the same time, we must correctly understand the advantages and disadvantages of hot runner mold and then ensure that plastic parts to achieve low-cost, high-efficiency production.

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1. Advantages

1. Saving materials, energy and labor. 

Plastic parts pouring system condensate material accounted for a larger proportion of material consumption. The secondary use of these condensates, after crushing, extrusion, cutting materials and put the fresh plastic parts to re-injection molding, easy to bring foreign matter pollution, so that the secondary molding of plastic parts reduce performance.

2. Improving the quality of plastic parts.

3. Shorten the molding cycle 

Using hot runner mold,no condensate, don't need to use the three plate mold, so that the required opening and closing mold stroke reduced. Eliminating the injection molding process to remove the gate of the process, so that the operation is simplified, is conducive to the realization of automated production.

4. Minimizes energy loss 

The hot runner temperature is the same as the injecor nozzle temperature, avoiding the surface coagulation of the raw material in the flow path, thereby reducing the temperature and pressure commissioning of the injection molding machine.

5. Automated safety production without ordinary flow, injection molding can be automated production. Hot nozzle with standard, serialized design, with a variety of alternative nozzle head, with a good interchangeability.


Hot runner mold has the advantages of the above, but the hot runner mold parts complex structure, strict to requirements of hot runner temperature controller , need for precision temperature control system, high manufacturing costs, not suitable for small batch production. To sum up the following main points:

1. overall mold closed height increased due to the installation of hot runner board, etc., the overall height of the mold has increased, need to choose a larger injection molding machine.

2. heat loss difficult to control the hot runner is the biggest problem is the hot nozzle and hot runner board heat loss, is a need to solve the major problems.

3. there is thermal expansion and contraction of the expansion and contraction is the need to carefully consider the design of the problem

4. mold manufacturing costs increase hot runner mold standard parts of the higher prices, manufacturing more difficult.

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