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Analysis of Common Problems in Hot Runner
Aug 07, 2017

1. what is the reason of temperature instability?

1) The quality of hot runner temperature controller is too bad

2) The connection of control cable is loose

3) hot runner and mold contact too much, heat loss is serious

4) The thermocouple is crushed

2. What causes of the actual temperature and temperature control shows the temperature of the error analysis of what causes?

1) thermocouple of hot runner temperature controller and hot runner  is inconsistent, that is, "J" "K" does not meet

2) The temperature unit of hot runer controller is tuned to Fahrenheit

3) two zones of thermocouple cross-exchange, resulting in temperature failure

4) The thermocouple wire is crushed

5) Hot runner temperature controller appears other failures

3. What reason of the gate at the cold glue too fast ?

1) The cooling water is too close and too fast

2) Hot runner heat loss is too large

3) The hot nozzle temperature is too low

4) Hot nozzle selection is not correct

4. What are the reasons for not shoot out the glue?

1) The gate was blocked by impurities

2) the temperature is too low

3) Heat loss is too large

4) The hot runner controller shows the temperature and the actual temperature have error

5. if the color change process is too slow, please follow  the color change procedures

1) Increases the mold temperature by 15 C and the nozzle and manifolds raise by 50 C

2) Clean the cartridge with the cleaning material

3) Use of the next production of colorless standard raw materials needed to cycle production 10 times

4) Reduce the temperature of the nozzle and manifold by 20 degrees and inject it three times

5) Repeat the fourth step twice, then reduce the mold temperature, color change is completed

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