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Analysis and Solution of Common Problems in Hot Runner System
Jun 30, 2017

Analysis and Solution of Common Problems in Hot Runner System

1.Question:The hot manifold can not reach the set temperature

Reason: thermocouple bad or failure, heating wire break, heating wire wiring is too loose or too short.

Solution: Check whether the thermocouple contact is properly and Check the heating wire circuit correctly.


2.Question:hot manifold temperature is too slow

Reason: a certain heating wire break or wiring is too loose, hot manifold air gap is insufficient, excessive insulation on the gasket, thermocouple contact bad.  

Solution: Check all the heating wire, increase the air gap, require at least 10mm, or use a heat shield, add insulation board on the fixed plate (bottom plate) or reduce the cooling of the fixed mold plate, check the thermoelectric Even if it is good.


3.Question:the hot manifold temperature is not stable

Reason: Poor thermocouple contact.

Solution: Check the thermocouple.


4.Question: there are metal fragments in the melt

Reason: the fragments of the screw on the injection molding machine, the metal fragments in the injection molding material

Solution: remove the metal fragments and repair the impurities in the plastic filter.


5.Question:hot manifold and thermal nozzle combined surface leakage material

Reason: the amount of expansion is not correct, W surface processing height is inconsistent, fixed fixed plate (bottom plate) material is too soft, hot manifold short time temperature is too high, "O" type seal installation problems.

Solution: Recalculate and check the amount of expansion, check the correct W surface height, replace the fixed hardness of the fixed plate (floor), replace the damaged parts and "O"


6.Question:hot manifold compensation plug leakage glue

Reason: no pad. 

Solution: Install the pad.


7.Question:oil (gas) cylinder does not work

Reason: no air or hydraulic oil into the cylinder, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder system stuck, the system pressure is insufficient.

Solution: Check the pipeline, the pump is leaking, blocking the phenomenon, check the cylinder and piston with the check the feed line is too curved, the piston and valve needle is flexible.


8.Question:the cylinder system was killed

Reason: cylinder, hot manifold, hot nozzle and other different heart, fixed fixed plate (floor) accumulated heat too much. 

Solution: adjust the cylinder, manifold, hot nozzle concentricity around the cylinder to increase the cooling.


9.Question:the cylinder after the overheating stuck

Reason: cylinder, hot manifold, hot nozzle and other different heart, fixed mold fixed plate (floor) accumulated heat too much gasket and valve needle fixed nut friction.

Solution: adjust the cylinder, hot manifold, hot nozzle concentricity, in the cylinder around the increase in cooling, adjust the gasket and valve needle fixed nut

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