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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hot Runner and Common Problems
Jul 05, 2017

1.Advantages of hot runner technology

(1) Save plastic raw materials

(2) Improve product quality

(3) To improve productivity and achieve automated production

(4) Strengthen the injection machine function

(5) Improve product consistency and balance

(6) The hot runner system can be manually balanced by rheological principle, through the hot runner temperature control and controlled nozzle to achieve filling balance, the effect of natural balance is also very good, precise control of the gate to ensure multi-cavity forming consistency, raising the accuracy of the plastic parts.

300S 6 zones hot runner controller (2).jpg

2.Disadvantages of Hot runner technology 

(1) Increasing mold cost

(2) Mold manufacturing process requirements to improve

(3) There is a certain selectivity for the number and distribution of plastic raw materials and small cavities

(4) Increase maintenance costs

3.Common Problems

a.Leakage of hot runner system

The main reasons for the leakage of the hot runner system are as follows:

(1) central support pad is too high

(2) support mat too low

(3) runner plate fastening screw clamping force is insufficient

(4) channel plate nozzle overheating

(5) The flow path of the flow path is too loose or the design is unreasonable

b.gate blockage

Gate clogging is generally caused by too low temperature at the gate or impurity clogging.

(1) nozzle design is unreasonable, the tip lack of heat

(2) nozzle and mold too much contact, heat transfer too fast

(3) output hole straight too long, generally straight body not more than 0.3mm

(4)nozzle tip is too far from the material gate

c.The hot runner temperature controller will be alarmed

AST hot runner controller provide solutions for common alarm,we have R&D department,Once hot runner controller are not working properly,so customer don’t worry the after-sale service and repair 

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