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2.2X4.2 mm Electric Mini Coil Heater with Type J Thermocouple
Nov 13, 2018

Basic Info


Product Description

  • Type: Injection Blow Molding

  • Specification: Rectangular, round, square

  • HS Code: 851690100

  • Structure: Horizontal

  • Transport Package: Exported Case

  • Origin: China

1. Working Principle
Electric Coil heater, also known as cable heater, convert electricity into heat through the process of Joule heating. Electrical current running through the element encounters resistance, resulting in heating of the element.

The main features of these heaters are 360o heated area, readily confirms to surface, fast response and quick heat transfer, helical coil design for superior performance, good resistance to corrosion and it can easily be coupled with J or K type thermocouple.
The integration of temperature thermocouple for the precise temperature control. It also provides the best combination of physical strength, high emissivity and good thermal conductivity to heat hot runner bushings and nozzles.

3. Imported Raw Materials
Chinese coil heater quality has highly confirmed by the woldwide market, can compete with the top class brands, such as Hotset, GC, EURO heat etc..
The coil heater resistance is used German Nickel Chrome wire, can be coiled and straight. The insulation material magnesium oxide powder is imported from USA; which ensures the high performance, fast response time and unformity.

4. Surface Treatment
Blasting and blackening surface treatment, also can provide bright surface.

5. Based on specific requirements and applications, coil heaters are manufactured in different cross sections. Each one is having its own advantages and disadvantages. Basically there are three types of coil heaters. They are

Coil Heater Cross Section
Round Coil Heater DiamaterΦ3.0, Φ4.0,Φ5.0
Square Coil Heater Diamater3.0×3.0, 3.3×3.3, 3.5×3.5, 4.0×4.0, 5.0×5.0
Rectangular Coil Heater Diamater4.0×2.0, 4.2×2.2, 4.5×2.7


6. Application:
Plastic injection molding machines,
Holding tanks
Metallurgical analyzers
Pulp and paper processing
Blow molding machines
Oil reclamation equipment
Food and candy extruders
Labeling, bag sealing, hot stamping, heat trace, and packaging equipment.

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