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15 hot runner problems, understand that you can become experts!
Oct 27, 2017

1. hot runner system often leak plastic, what is the general cause?

Treatment: This is mainly to see what place to leak glue, one is hot mouth sealing plastic size did not do the number, one is the thickness of the template size is not suppressed, this is the most important two points

2. hot nozzle can not shoot plastic?

Treatment: it depends on what the situation can not shoot plastic, some temperature is not enough, some plastic mouth blocked (divided into cold material block and impurity blocking two)

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3. How is it easy to wear a work piece?

Treatment: the abrasive material of the work must be present and larger, the first part of the use of corrosion-resistant materials made of processing, can not guarantee that no wear, can only guarantee how much beer

4. How to solve the weld?

Treatment: weld marks can rely on temperature adjustment, and sometimes some products choose to enter the plastic position is also unreasonable will cause welding marks

5. How to solve the solar problem?

Treatment: the sun is also called sun halo, mainly due to the product into the plastic bit temperature is too high, and the rest of the product caused by the temperature difference, so the key to the hot runner to reduce the temperature into the glue can be

6. How to solve the problem of drawing?

Treatment: The problem is mainly due to the system caused by the high temperature caused by the general is used in the hot mouth with cooling water, and where feasible to change the diameter of the small point, you can also change the mouth of the hot mouth The structure to achieve the purpose

7. How to solve the Mercedes-Benz head?

Treatment: Benz head of the phenomenon is mainly due to the temperature caused by, coupled with the hot mouth of the mouth is usually three out of the plastic hole, which resulted in a new shear stress temperature difference occurred in the phenomenon of Mercedes-Benz head. The general way of dealing is to expand the mouth of the mouth of the mouth and change the angle, or replaced by a single hole out of the mouth of the core

8. products hit dissatisfaction, or products have flash?

Treatment: This should be based on specific cases to analyze the product may not be due to dissatisfaction with the hot mouth is not enough or ultra-thin product difficult injection molding, product flash may be due to excessive injection pressure caused by the guests may also be a good mold, Or because of difficult injection molding side of the side of the side of the flash

9. The product or gate area produces a focus, scorched mark

Reason: mold exhaust, injection speed too fast, the gate pocket size is not right, the material drying is not enough.

Treatment: increase the exhaust, reduce the injection speed, modify the pocket size, drying materials.

10. Wearable glass fiber material when the guide shuttle wear too fast

Reason: The shuttle material is too soft.

Treatment: Replace the shuttle material, carbide.

The gate mark is too large

Reason: the gate is too large, the choice of hot mouth model is not right, gate contour processing is not right.

Treatment: Reduce the gate, select the appropriate type of hot mouth, check the gate processing contour.

12. The gate is cooled prematurely and is cooled during filling

Reason: the melt temperature is not enough, the gate is too small, the gate cooling too much, hot mouth and die contact area is too large, the gate profile is not correct or wrong type.

Treatment: Increase the hot runner temperature, change the gate, improve the hot mouth and die contact area.

13. Moisture at the gate of the product

Reason: the flow of cold material, the mold is too cold, the melt temperature is not enough.

Treatment: increase the mold temperature, melt temperature.

14. The product has a cold material block

Reason: hot mouth selection error, mouth too cold.

Treatment: Select the correct hot mouth, mold processing cold material wells, reducing the contact area of the hot mouth and die.

15. Occasionally there is a cold spot on the product

Reason: hot mouth too much loss of heat.

Treatment: Reduce the direct contact area of the head to a minimum.

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