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10 Zone Hot Runner Temperature Controller for Plastic Injection Provide OEM Service
Dec 01, 2018

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Origin: Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

  • Specification: CE

1. Integrated construction permits easy disassembly.
2. Adopt galvanized steel sheet. Light and handy. High capacity of anticorrosion and antirust.
3. The card size and electric interface can be compatible with other brands such as YUDO, Athena, DME, PCS, INCOE.
4. Adopt gold-plated card slot and machine to pressure wielding. Make sure the signals are connected reliably between box and card.
5. The type of heavy load connections and wiring method can be custom-made.
6. Adopt cold pressing terminals between wires and heavy load connections to make sure the signals are connected reliably.
7. There are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 24 zones for customers to select.

1. Supply Voltage: AC85V~400V, 50/60Hz
2. Temperature Control Type: PID Control/Manual
3. Temperature Sensor Type: Thermocouple J, K
4. Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.25%
5. Temperature Control Accuracy: ± 0.25%
6. Operating Temperature: 0° C~50° C(32° F~122° F)
7. Storage Temperature: -20° C~70° C(-4° F~158° F)
8. Operating Humidity: 10-80%RH(no condensayion)
9. Consumed Power: < 2.5W
10. Control Output Type: Triac(PWM mode); Triac(SSR mode)
11. Temperature Measurement Range: 0~500 Centigrade(32~932 Fahrenheit)
12. Temperature Setting Range: 0~450Centigrade (32~842 Fahrenheit)
13. Output Load Capacity: 20A, 50W~2200W
14. Power Switch type: HRTC-B: Rocker Switch

Protection Fuctions:
1. Wide power supply range, AC85~400V
2. Thermocouple input protection, prevent module damaged by mis-connection
3. Thermocouple & heater inverse protection, prevent thermocouple damaged by mis-connection
4. Soft-start mode, avoid the humidity make the heater burn out

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