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Hot Runner Temperature Controller For Plastic Injection Machines With CE Certification

High quality hot runner controller with CE certification from SUZHOU KYLIN ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD which is reliable and professional supplier of hot runner controller parts.

KT-300S Detailed Introduction

1)Panel Instruction:
300Shot runner controller card 001

  1. Own enginner,could always update old products and add new products.

  2. Connector: All series use Germany Harting connector

  3. Switch:South korea LG brand

  4. CPU and important integrated circuits all use USA ST brand,make the control more accurate and run more smoothly.

  5. Power cable and hot runner cable:Using professional and customized products, the supplier is Far East Group, the first largest cable manufacturer in China, and the quality is guaranteed the most.

  6. All series have CE certificate

3)Main Picture:


8 zones hot runner temperature controller



Hot runner controller Standard:
Be Equipped with 4 meters hot runner control cable and power cable
Connector ,connection mode can be produced according to your requirement
4)Operation Video
Click the link:
5) Main Specifications:
-Indoor use
-Power input voltage:AC 185-245V,50/60HZ,15A
-Output type:PWM,SSR
-Thermocouple wire type:J or K
-Temperature control range:50ºC~550ºC
-Temperature control type:FUZZY +PIDD artifical intelligence+ shift-phase control
-Temperature stability:+0.5%
-Temperature precision:0.1ºC
-Temperature resolution:0.1ºC
6)Main Functions:
-Protection function against short circuit/open circuit,alarm in case of thermocouple misconnection
-Automatic environment temperature compensation.
-Soft-start automatic setting temperature range.
-380V input protection avoids the damage to controller arising from wrong voltage input.
-Thermocouple protection function enables the controller to identify heating wire and thermocouple automatically to avoid the damage to thermocouple arising from wrong input of inductor.
-Automatic environment linear compensation ensure higher precision of temperature value.
-Output interruption check.
-Current monitoring
-Loop break detection
-Deviation Alarms
-BOOST Function
-Manual power output mode
-Software locking
--Display errors completely to help you find failure reasons easily.
KT-300S hot runner temperature controller are equipped with all international functions and suited with DME,Yudo and Husky brands.
7)Alarm Message

Thermocouple breakagetC oPEn   
display tC alternately with oPEn
Test the thermocouple with ohmmeter
Thermocouple "pinched"tC SHrt
display tC alternately with SHrt
Find where the thermocouple is pinched
Thermocpuple invertedtC rEu
display tC alternately with rEu
Check the thermocouple
Thermocouple and heater swappedtC bAd
display tC alternately with bAd
Check the thermocoule and heater
Scr breakageScr bAd
display scr alternately with bAd
Test the Scr with ohmmeter
The voltage is errorHIGH voL
display HIGH alternately with voL
Check the the input voltage in cabinet
Heater breakageHEAt oPEn
display HEAt alternately with oPEn
Test the heater with ohmmeter
Heater "pinched"out SHrt
display out alternately with SHrt
Find where the heater is pinched
Fuse breakageF1-2 brk
display F1or2 alternately with brk
Replace the fuse F1 or F2

8)Connection Mode and Power supply diagram

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