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KT-300S 6 Point PID Hot Runner System Temperature Controllers for Plastic Injection Molding

1 point AST PID Hot Runner System Temperature Controllers For Plastic Injection Molding KT-300S Series, one card control one hot point, a universal series of hot runner temperature controllers, are compatible with many brands in the world, such as DME, MOLDMASTERS, INCOE, HUSKY and so on. 1....

1. Use FUZZY PIDD control technology 

2. Thermocouple protection function 
3. In case of there is short circuit between heating wire and load, heating wire output short circuit protection function enables the controller to close output automatically so as to avoid the damage to hot runner system and controller
4. Automatic environment linear compensation ensures higher precision of temperature value
5. Thermocouple automatic cool-end compensation avoids relative error due to change of environment temperature
6. Monitoring inductor error
7. Creepage detection circuit

8.Soft-start function
9. Deviation alarms
10. Three operation mode:Auto, Manual and Standby
11. Display errors completely to help you find failure reason easily.

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Power input voltage

AC185V-245V, 50/60Hz

One zone load

16A, 3600W

Output type


Temperature sensor wire type


Temperature control range


Temperature stability

±0. 5%

Temperature control type


Internal measuring loop automatic ambient temperature compensation


Voltage input protection function


Heating wire protection function


Soft-start avoids mold leakage arising from moisture